Radovan Yurkovich

My name is Radovan Jurkovic. I was born on June 19, 1972 in Bratislava. I have been doing business since 1992, step by step fulfilling my boy’s dreams. Both my personal and professional life shift occurred right after passing a training course designed for managers mediating financial services.


I gave this period a name Klondike. There were not so many people on the market who were able to completely comprehend the core of their business, but still made enormous amount of money. Maybe natural enthusiasm and lack of competitors were the main reasons for great profits in those times. It made me realize that will, hope, and enthusiasm are highly essential qualities. When complementing them with education, discipline, and courtesy, they provided me with a unique opportunity to become the first youngest director in the international company I kept working for.


I was given an opportunity to complete an MBA course while working in a dynamic marketing system. Later on, as I had achieved a position of trainer for MBA, I was asked to represent the Board of Directors management seminars with more than 12.000 attendants. My ambitions pushed me further to a position of regional manager for Central Europe. At the beginning of 2007, I was given an offer from American Consultant Group as they were preparing the grounds for their subsidiary corporation, Broker Service Group on the Slovak market.


The major goal of the company was to become a dominant company in mediatory global financial services. Due to this I took the unique advantage of becoming a member of a dynamic and perspective company with timeless know-how focused on relationship management. Due to my twelve years of experience I believe I could support our team members to perceive the process of climbing the career ladder up to lucrative positions of top managers and directors (and to build a strong personal financial basis). We offer a dynamic career, an exceptional remuneration system, top educational program, and benefits that all together bring this idea to reality in quite a short time.


Financial broker is supposed to be one of the most perspective positions. Core of one’s function is focused on a detailed identification of client’s needs, analysis of financial options, and development of a long term financial plan. To be successful means to consider the position of the financial broker being as a personal vocation or an enjoyable hobby rather than a regular job. I wish you lots of success and happiness in every day of your lives.



My favorite MOTTO:
"The way up to the top leads through the valley of humility." /Per aspera ad astra - lat./